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Groundwater Crustacea of Ireland: A survey of the stygobitic malacostraca in caves and springs - Final report


This is the report of The Heritage Council funded survey of the stygobitic Crustacea (Malacostraca) species of Ireland carried out by Ecological Consultancy Services (EcoServe) Ltd and the Hypogean Crustacea Recording Scheme in early spring 2008.

» Download the report – PDF-File, 3.6 MB

Groundwater Animals UK


Groundwater Animals UK is a project, funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, which plans to improve our knowledge of the distribution and habitat requirements of groundwater animals (including Niphargus glenniei) in targeted areas of the UK. It will also design a sampling protocol for groundwater animals for future use in a national survey and raise their profile by outreach activities. Click to find out more.

» Download Project Report – PDF-File, 4.6 MB

Biological Records Centre (BRC)


The Biological Records Centre (BRC), is the national focus in the UK for terrestrial and freshwater species recording (other than birds). It works with the voluntary recording community throughout Britain and Ireland. Click to find out more.



This is an excellent website, including a morpho-database on all European species and which also includes British and Irish species.

Cave Life of Britain


This website is to help cavers identify the organisms they see whilst visiting the caves of Britain, and to help them understand the relationships between these organisms.



Pascalis project a European project looking at groundwater biodiversity acorss Europe (does not include Britain & Ireland), including standardised methods for assessing and predicting regional groundwater biodiversity and a proposed conservation strategy.

A review of the status and distribution of the subterranean aquatic Crustacea of Britain and Ireland


Proudlove et al (2003). A review of the status and distribution of the subterranean aquatic Crustacea of Britain and Ireland. Cave and Karst Science Vol 30, No 2.

» Download manuscript (PDF) – PDF-File, 5.4 MB

The Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) for Niphargus glenniei


Lee R F D Knight. (2009). The Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) for Niphargus glenniei (Crustacea: Amphipoda: Niphargidae): the first British troglobite to be listed. Cave and Karst Science. Vol. 35, No. 1 & 2.

» Download manuscript (PDF) – PDF-File, 265.0 KB